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Breathe Right SnoreRelief Anti-Snoring Sprayproduct review score of 1
3/25/12, by Snoring Product Reviews

Breathe Right Snore Relief Spray is applied to the back of the throat as a treatment for snoring. Although its key ingredients are not publicized, it is most likely a mixture of essential oils for which there is clinical evidence that suggests it has a measurable effect on reducing snoring. So how exactly does it work? Clear modes of action are not well understood, although many theories have been suggested.

Before we get too far into this review, understand this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, retail inventories still exist and the product is still actively being sold by a variety of internet retailers. The kicker is that these scarce quantities are typically being sold for a substantial price, so you’ll have to determine whether or not paying over $50 for a bottle is worth experimenting with. There are also other competing anti-snoring throat spray products on the market that are similar, so if you really feel that a throat spray represents a hopeful option, there are still options.

So can a throat spray really reduce snoring? Personal anecdotes concerning its effectiveness are mixed. Some users have found SnoreRelief to be helpful in minimizing snoring, while others observed no useful benefits. Many of those that did find the product useful pursued other more practical options that yielded similar results or developed homemade treatments themselves involving essential oils.

After a week of trying the snoring remedy myself, I have to say I fall into the group of users that observed no benefit. I felt like the spray dissipated quickly and was easily swallowed. I didn’t feel like there was anything really going on in the area at the back of my throat where I sprayed it. If you’re considering anti-snoring throat sprays, my suggestion is to look elsewhere for an effective snoring cure.