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Breathe Right Nasal Stripsproduct review score of 8
3/3/12, by Snoring Product Reviews

By now, most everyone has heard of or even tried BreatheRight nasal strips. These small adhesive plastic strips are designed to open your nasal passages and promote freer breathing. They are advertised primarily as a remedy for nasal congestion, but they can also help address snoring problems as well.

The Breathe Right strip can resolve snoring by changing the pattern of airflow between the nose and mouth. Depending on your own unique physiology, certain soft tissue in the back part of the mouth and throat may become excited and vibrate due to strong air flowing in through the mouth. Individuals are particularly susceptible to snoring during deep sleep since this soft tissue can become very relaxed and flaccid. The Breathe Right strip can resolve this situation by increasing the airflow through the nose and reducing airflow through the mouth. This small change can alter the dynamics of airflow in a way that reduces the susceptibility of soft tissue to vibration, thus reducing or even eliminating snoring altogether.

I found the Breathe Right nasal strips to be a generally effective remedy against snoring, although I can’t say it worked perfectly every night. One issue affecting its effectiveness was its propensity to fall off in the middle of the night. The best way to prevent this is to thoroughly wash your face before sleeping so that oils are removed and the strips can adhere more strongly to your skin. But even with the strips firmly in place throughout the night, I experienced a successful reduction in snoring approximately 50 - 70% of the time. Still, this is a relatively good rate of success considering other alternatives. The strips are also virtually imperceptible to the wearer without any discomfort.

I recommend the Breathe Right strips as one of the first remedies to turn to when determining what works best for you. Their low cost, overall effectiveness, and ready availability at the corner drug store make Breathe Right nasal strips a top snoring remedy.

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